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With the variable weather throughout the year here in Wisconsin, there are months where your home needs to be cool and others where you can’t seem to turn the thermostat up high enough. Spray foam insulation can help ensure your home is energy efficient, healthy and comfortable all year round.

Why Should I Choose Spray Foam?

Two types of spray polyurethane foam (SPF) insulation exist. Wisconsin Home Improvement installs closed cell or high-density spray foam insulation which is extremely durable. Low-density or open cell SPF insulation isn’t as durable as high-density spray foam, but it is a less expensive option. The thermal resistance, or R-value, of spray foam is about R-6 to R-8, which is much higher compared to fiberglass batts which are only about R-3 per inch. Using less material, spray foam provides more thermal resistance than most other types of insulation.

Spray foam insulation is applied wet and quickly expands -- up to 100 times its original size -- which fills cavities, crevices and gaps. This means that spray foam helps to air seal as well as insulate. Your home undoubtedly contains many gaps and cracks in its building envelope. Since air can readily move in and out and carry moisture, heat and pollutants with it, air sealing will help to improve your home’s comfort, indoor air quality and energy efficiency.

Although spray foam insulation is a great option for insulating your Wisconsin home, it should be applied by a certified professional, like the expert team at Wisconsin Home Improvement. Due to the nature of SPF insulation, it needs to be carefully mixed and applied by someone who is trained on all the application techniques and safety precautions necessary. Spray foam will only produce the desired results for your home when it’s properly installed.


The Benefits of Spray Foam

Spray foam’s abilities to simultaneously air seal and provide high-performing insulation make it an excellent choice for your home. When applied by a professional, spray foam insulation can provide your home with the following benefits:

  • More easily regulated indoor temperatures
  • No more drafts
  • Improved indoor air quality
  • Reduced chances of moisture problems

On top of these benefits, you will save on your home’s energy bills. Air leakage accounts for about 40% of your home’s energy loss. You can cut your energy bills by about 20% when you use a high-performance insulation product like spray foam. With spray foam, you can enjoy a comfortable and healthy home with lowered energy expenses.

Wisconsin Home Improvement: The Spray Foam Experts

The Wisconsin Home Improvement team is a leading installer of spray foam insulation in existing homes, residential new construction homes and commercial projects throughout southern and central Wisconsin. By installing closed cell spray foam in particular, we will help you insulate and air seal for maximum comfort and energy efficiency. Start enjoying all the benefits spray foam insulation has to offer your property with help from our knowledgeable and experienced installation experts.

Contact us or call (262) 345-9922 to learn more about spray foam insulation and schedule an insulation consultation!

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  • I just wanted to take a minute to thank you and your Madison crew for the great work they are doing. Over the last few months I have worked closely with Dann, Roger, Marc and Jeremy and am extremely impressed with their attitudes and the quality of their work.

    Brandon Langeteig, Project Home, Inc.
  • We were pleased with work done by Mike and Kevin. They deserve a pat on the back. Thanks!

    Eugene Hefter, WI
  • Steve and Frank are very good representations of your firm -- very professional. Thanks!

    Jim Young, WI
  • The work your team did is fantastic! Also I would like to compliment your crew on their professional approach to our house and their work.

    Ryan, WI
  • Jan and I were amazed and impressed by the crew’s positive work ethic coupled with their gracious and friendly manner. Obviously they knew what they were doing and set to task with quickness and absolute thoroughness… you have our deepest appreciation.

    JoAnne and Jan V., Greendale, WI
  • Please thank your crew for the great job they did here. They were all very personable, worked very hard, and they took the time to explain what they were doing.

    Barbara F., Belgium, WI
  • Thursday and Friday of last week one of your crews were at my home putting in some additional insulation and doing some other work. I just wanted to tell you that my wife and I were very impressed with the professionalism of your men.

    John & Jennifer P., WI
  • Your employees were prompt, courteous and friendly.

    Lois W., Menomonee Falls, WI
  • I wanted to thank you and your team again for the
    great work you did and insulating our home. It is only been a week, and the
    difference is amazing. Every room in this house feel substantially warmer.

  • Mike & Erin M.

    We wanted to provide feedback on our experience with Peter, who did our home energy audit.  We felt he went above and beyond what was expected of him.  He was very thorough and was genuinely concerned about any issues causing inefficiencies in our home.  He explained things i

  • Tim S.

    Steve, just a side note and I would not send this if it was not completely true - Mike and Pete were both fantastic. I was impressed. We had just had other major construction and have many comparatives for the work WHI did. I would come home and never know they had even been there.

  • Cindy S.

    I really feel compelled to give a "shout out" to everyone I have come into contact with at WHI. First off - Jody. You are so friendly and helpful on the phone, forgiving me for my inability to "on-line sign", switching up of dates, declining work and then changing my mind.

    Cindy S., Whitefish Bay, WI
  • James V.

    Dear Steve, 

    We at Grace are so pleased with the quality of work and the professionalism of the crew that did the insulation. Mike and Igor were so respectful of the building and its contents, and so nice to everyone in the congregation who was working at church. 

    James V., Milwaukee, WI
  • Jenny P.

    I just wanted to extend a thank you to you and all of your employees who have spent time at our home fixing our attic issues.

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