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With maple-lined streets, beaches, and historic sights, Shorewood WI residents enjoy their quiet village nestled between the Milwaukee River to the west and expansive Lake Michigan to the east. With so many activities to enjoy in nearby Milwaukee, Shorewood homeowners want to enjoy their leisure without worrying about their home comfort. Wisconsin Home Improvement has been dedicated to providing expert insulation solutions to the Shorewood area since 1936.

Professional Insulation Services to Prevent Winter Ice Dams and More!

Many common household problems and repairs result from old, inadequate, or failing insulation. The first step in Shorewood WI home repairs is pinpointing the source of the problem with a home performance audit by the experts at Wisconsin Home Improvement. Often, inadequate attic insulation can cause melting and refreezing problems that lead to ice dams and expensive water damage. Drafty rooms that are difficult to heat and cool require weatherization through air sealing to keep outside air from sneaking in.

Expert Insulation Upgrades for Existing Homes

Once we’ve reviewed your home from roof to basement, we can recommend the best type of home insulation and air sealing upgrades to cut energy costs and improve efficiency. Air sealing before installing fiberglass or cellulose attic insulation works to make your new insulation perform as designed. If spray foam insulation is your best option, the air sealing occurs when the foam is applied to surfaces and hardens. 

Improve Your Shorewood WI Home’s Indoor Air Quality

Another benefit to insulation upgrades from Wisconsin Home Improvement is the improvement to your home’s indoor air quality. Removing old, damp insulation with a history of pests is a great way to start addressing circulating mold, allergens, bacteria, viruses, and other sources of indoor air pollution. Sealing the cracks and gaps in your home’s exterior walls and ceilings help make sure that air pollutants pass through your HVAC system filters and are removed from the air you breathe inside. The result is healthier indoor air quality in your home.

Trusted Whole Home Insulation Services In Shorewood WI

Wisconsin Home improvement has built a solid reputation for professional, courteous service. We’re proud of the recommendations from our customers and work hard each day to continue to earn their trust. Plus, upgrading your home insulation with Wisconsin Home Improvement not only saves money and energy, but can also increase the value of your Shorewood WI home with our Pearl Certification program! 

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