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Wisconsin Home Improvement is Your Energy Efficiency Resource in Menomonee Falls WI

Homeowners in Menomonee Falls enjoy getting outside all year round! Whether it’s exploring Bug Line Trail or toasting friends and family at the beer garden in Old Falls Village Park, folks don’t want to worry about high energy bills. For peace of mind, residents rely on the whole house approach to energy efficiency that Wisconsin Home Improvement provides.

Discover How Energy Efficient Your Menomonee Falls WI Home Can Be!

If your home is suffering from drafty rooms, high energy bills and poor indoor air quality, we can help improve your home comfort! Starting with a home performance audit, the highly trained energy audit pros at Wisconsin Home Improvement use their scientific whole house approach to determine where your home’s systems need improvement. As part of your home audit we will perform these services:

A comprehensive report will detail the audit findings and we’ll provide you with commonsense recommendations to improve your home’s efficiency.

Insulation Expertise for Your Menomonee Falls WI Home 

Our parent company, Wisconsin Insulation Services, has been serving our fellow southeast Wisconsinites since 1936! Wisconsin Home Improvement itself was founded in 1984 based on those decades of experience in construction and insulation and the need we saw for a separate company to focus on the growing market of home performance. Our whole house approach combines science with tried and true insulation practices to meet your efficiency goals. Installing insulation for existing homes is one of the essential services Wisconsin Home Improvement offers our neighbors in Menomonee Falls. Pairing an insulation upgrade with air sealing helps your new insulation perform as it should, keeping you cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

Breathe Easy with Wisconsin Home Improvement

When spring arrives and allergies strike, many Menomonee Falls WI residents suffer allergy symptoms, especially when enjoying Menomonee Park. But when your breathing problems continue inside, that’s when it’s time to check your home’s indoor air quality. Our IAQ experts at Wisconsin Home Improvement can test for combustion gases, allergens and contaminants. In Menomonee Falls, the potential for deadly radon gases inside your home make home radon testing essential.

Count on Your Neighbors at Wisconsin Home Improvement

We’re based in Menomonee Falls, WI which is why we understand the specific efficiency problems our neighbors experience in Southern Wisconsin Winter, spring, summer and fall. Our approach can help transform your house into a cozy efficient and healthy home.

Looking for local expertise in home performance and insulation?

Our scientific approach can solve your comfort problems.


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