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Tosa homeowners know just how great a place Milwaukee County can be to live, work, and raise a family. If you had to pick just one of your favorite things to do in Wauwatosa, what would it be? 4th of July fireworks in Hart Park? The food and music at the annual TosaFest? Visiting the Tosa Farmers Market during the summer and early fall for local produce, meat, and baked goods?

Wauwatosa has the best of everything, so it’s no surprise that Tosa homes have the best insulation contractor: Wisconsin Home Improvement! If you’re looking to get work done on your home and are looking for a local company you can trust, here’s why you’ve come to the right place.

Spray Foam Insulation, Ice Dam Prevention, and More

Odds are, even if you think your home’s insulation is fine, you might be suffering from some of the very common symptoms of poor insulation and air sealing and just haven’t realized that our services are the solution!

Do you experience any of the following in your Wauwatosa home?

It’s likely that aging or improperly installed installation, along with cracks and air leaks in your building materials that made up your home are to blame! At Wisconsin Home Improvement, we take the time to listen to the specific issues that you’re experiencing in your home, and use our years of experience and training to find the right home performance solution for you and your family.

For example, if your second floor gets significantly warmer in the summer than the bottom floor, you can probably trace the issue back to the attic insulation in your Wauwatosa home. Drafts and indoor air quality issues are often the result of air leaks letting outdoor air pollutants and unwanted temperatures into your house—our air sealing and weatherization services can make your home tighter and better protected from the outdoor elements.

Schedule an Energy Audit for Your Wauwatosa Home

How do you know if your home could benefit from upgrading your attic floor insulation or sealing up the air leaks in your home’s exterior? A home performance audit is a great place to start. Wisconsin Home Improvement’s audit takes a close look at how air and heat are moving in and out of your home, and using blower door test equipment and infrared cameras, we can pinpoint where the problem areas are and recommend the most effective home performance solutions.

Looking for the right company in Wauwatosa that can insulate your house? Call 262.345.9922 or contact us today to learn more and schedule an audit with our team.

Make your Tosa home comfortable and energy efficient.

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