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There’s a reason that Elm Grove WI is considered one of the best suburbs to live in: its quaint downtown unspoiled by national chains and family-friendly parks and gardens. Homeowners in “The Grove” are serious about enjoying life in their quiet town, close to everything Milwaukee has to offer. Saving energy and living comfortably are also high on the list here and fortunately, Wisconsin Home Improvement can help!

Elm Grove’s Efficiency Resource:  Wisconsin Home Improvement

With cold winters and hot, humid summers, Elm Grove homeowners need a resource for improving their energy efficiency. The efficiency pros at Wisconsin Home Improvement use precise building science to reduce energy bills, improve comfort and help the environment. Our focus on the whole house system and extensive experience in construction mean your home will receive the attention to detail it requires.

Complete Home Energy Audits to Improve your Elm Grove WI Home

Starting with a home performance audit, our certified and professional energy expert will use proven scientific methods and tools to evaluate your home. Our home performance audit includes these services:

Once these tests are complete, the home performance auditor will generate a comprehensive report that details your home’s specific test results, along with common-sense solutions to improve your home’s comfort.

Elm Grove Home insulation Upgrades with Wisconsin Home Improvement

Many Elm Grove homeowners would rather enjoy helping kids decorate their bikes for the next hometown parade. Leave the insulation upgrade to the efficiency pros at Wisconsin Home Improvement. Throughout your home, our team have the expertise to identify the perfect air sealing and insulation solution for each area of your home:

We use both spray foam insulation and Owens Corning Fiberglass insulation, so you’ll be confident in the final results. 

Building a New Home or Remodeling in Elm Grove? 

Wisconsin Home Improvement has extensive experience in remodeling and new construction. Rely on our expertise to ensure your new residence is tight, well insulated and meets efficiency codes.

Improve your Elm Grove WI home comfort & efficiency with an energy audit

Upgrade your insulation and enjoy small town life!


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