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Colgate Home Performance & Insulation Services

Homeowners in Colgate WI treasure their quiet rural lifestyle away from the hustle and bustle of larger towns. Whether it’s browsing the gardens an Monches Flower Farm for new perennials or strolling through the whimsical animals at Paul Bobrowitz Spectacular Sculptures, Colgate natives know their hometown is special. 

One thing Colgate has in common with neighboring southeastern Wisconsin towns is the range of weather. Our famous snowy winters are balanced with hot, humid summer days. No matter what time of year, it’s essential that your Colgate home perform all year long. The insulation and home performance pros at Wisconsin Home Improvement can help keep your family cozy and comfortable no matter what weather Wisconsin throws your way!

Count on Wisconsin Home Improvement for Colgate WI Insulation Services

Most homes in the Colgate WI area aren’t up to speed on home insulation. As a result residents may be wasting both money and energy trying to heat and cool their homes. It’s time to contact Wisconsin Home Improvement for an insulation upgrade if your home is suffering the following symptoms:

  • Drafty rooms

  • Escalating energy costs

  • Rooms that are too hot in summer or too cold in winter

  • Musty or stale odors

  • Increased indoor allergy symptoms

  • Ice dams and water damage during winter

Start with a Home Performance Audit to Diagnose your Colgate WI Home’s Energy and Insulation Issues 

The home energy auditor from Wisconsin Home Improvement will analyze your home’s performance using proven scientific methods and special tools like blower door test equipment to get a complete picture of your home’s energy profile. The home performance  audit includes these components:

WIth the results from your energy audit in hand, your energy professional will recommend upgrades to improve your home’s insulation, indoor air quality and home safety. We’ll identify which solutions will provide the biggest savings for your Colgate WI home.

Insulation Expertise from Wisconsin Home Improvement

While there are many insulation contractor options for insulating your Colgate WI ranch or farmhouse, WIsconsin Home Improvement has decades of construction experience to back up their recommendations. We know what works in our neighborhoods and the best options for upgrading your existing home insulation. Attic insulation paired with air sealing is key for ice dam prevention. Upgrading floor insulation can keep your home cozy and comfortable all year long.

Protect your Colgate WI home from ice dams and high energy bills!

A home energy audit will offer guidance to the best insulation upgrades.


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