Your Recipe for Energy Savings

December 5, 2018
Your Recipe For Energy Savings - WHI

How much did you spend last year, keeping your home warm during the winter?

Wisconsin winters make it tough to stay cozy  in your own home.

But with this recipe for energy savings from Wisconsin Home Improvement,

You’ll have all the ingredients you need for warmth & decreased energy bills!

Use your windows wisely—pull the curtains on your drafty windows,

And allow the sun’s heat to shine through your south facing windows.

Program your thermostat for lower temperatures overnight,

And during the weekdays while you’re at work.   

Schedule an expert energy audit with the WHI pros,

Which will pinpoint weak spots in your insulation, & any holes in your home

Then combine your upgraded insulation with professional air sealing

To keep the heat in, the winter cold out, & increase your indoor air quality.

Looking for more energy savings tips? Call the Wisconsin winter pros.

Schedule your energy audit today!   262.320.4118 |

Update your recipe for energy savings and home comfort this winter

WHI has all the ingredients you need.


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