Is Your Home’s Attic Properly Ventilated?

attic ventililation
August 28, 2017

Although you probably don’t pay attention to it much, your home’s attic is essential to your comfort. But how is it possible for your attic to affect your entire home?

Attic Ventilation

A properly ventilated attic helps to reduce heat buildup and humidity. During the summer, when the sun beats down on your roof, the air in your attic heats up considerably. Without ventilation, the only place that hot air can go is into your home, which is especially a problem if your attic isn’t properly air sealed and insulated. With appropriate attic ventilation, that heat buildup is diminished, helping your home stay cooler while also stopping your air conditioner from working overtime.

In the winter when moist, warm air permeates into the attic from downstairs, if you have proper attic ventilation that humidity will be able to escape which helps to keep your attic dry and reduces ice dams. Without adequate attic ventilation, condensation may occur causing moisture problems. Excess moisture may then lead to mold growth, structural damage, poor indoor air quality, and wet insulation resulting in reduced thermal resistance, and ultimately an uncomfortable home.

Pairing Attic Insulation & Ventilation for Greater Home Comfort

While attic ventilation is key to comfort, it must be used in tandem with thorough air sealing and attic insulation. By closing all those small gaps and cracks with air sealing, you’ll eliminate the potential for hot air to enter into your living spaces during the summer and exit during the winter. In addition, insulation will prevent heat from penetrating into your home when it’s hot outside and keep it in when the temperatures outdoors drop.

Together air sealing, insulation, and ventilation can optimize a home’s comfort and health. While you’ll still have to turn on the air conditioning and heating during the extreme months, you’ll run these systems less, helping you save on your monthly energy bills.

Wisconsin Home Improvement: Your Attic & Home Experts

Understanding how all the parts of your home interact and affect each other is our job. At Wisconsin Home Improvement, we look at your house as a comprehensive system where one change can influence a host of other factors. So if you’re looking to improve your home’s comfort, energy efficiency, and indoor air quality, our expert team will be able to make the upgrades that will have the greatest impact for the long-term!

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