The Wisconsin Home Winter Prep Checklist

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September 13, 2018

Us Wisconsinites are all too familiar with the challenges that winter brings each year. So as the Summer starts to wind down, even the most veteran homeowners are asking what they can do to prepare for the cold temperatures and impending snowfall.

As an experienced home performance contractor with Wisconsin roots that go all the way back to 1936, Wisconsin Home Improvement has put together a checklist of things you can do to keep your home cozy and warm this winter.

Stay Ahead of the Snow

Preparing your home before the snow starts to fall is key to avoiding a cold and drafty home, and preventing the damage that heavy snow and cold temperatures can inflict on your home this winter! Make sure to check that these home efficiency systems are functioning properly:

Wall Insulation ✓

Properly insulating the walls in your home can conserve an estimated 35% of energy your home loses – and not just in the winter! Insulation prevents the transfer of heat in both directions. So keep the cool air in your home in the summer, and the warm air inside in the winter.

Attic Insulation ✓

You may not think of your attic often, but the empty space above your head is an important barrier between your living space and the unpredictable weather outside. It has been estimated that 90% of American homes are under insulated – and attics can account for 25% of the energy lost while heating a home.

Air Sealing ✓

The small holes in your home may seem negligible, but they all add up. These gaps allow for the outside air to infiltrate your home, negating all the hard work your heating system does to keep you warm. Thorough air sealing and properly insulation work together to keep your home warm during the formidable Wisconsin Winter and are the most effective measures you can take to prevent ice dams.

Home Performance Audit ✓

Each home faces its own unique challenges when it comes to running efficiently and staying comfortable. Getting a clear picture of exactly how your home is performing starts with a home performance audit. This involves using the most accurate diagnostic technology available to locate where your home is losing energy – and what home performance upgrades will provide the greatest benefit come winter.

* Do you live near Menomonee Falls, WI? You may qualify for our complimentary home performance audit!

Keep Cozy This Winter With Wisconsin Home Improvement

Don’t wait for the temperatures to drop to make the upgrades your home needs to stay warm. Each of these items on our checklist increase your home’s performance year round, so the earlier you can properly insulate and air seal your home, the more you save in energy costs!

The professionals at Wisconsin Home Improvement aren’t about to sell you on something you don’t need – our honest and straightforward approach toward your home performance means you can trust us to provide your Wisconsin home with only the necessary upgrades. So get ahead of the game before winter hits, and schedule your home performance audit today!

Don’t wait for the Wisconsin Winter – prep your home for the cold and the snow before it arrives! Get the full picture of your home performance with the experts at Wisconsin Home Improvements. Call us at 262.345.9922 or contact us today.

Is your home ready for another Wisconsin Winter?

We’ll keep you – and your wallet – cozy this winter.


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