“Why is my second floor always so hot!?”

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August 27, 2019

It is an all too common question for those living in and around Milwaukee during the hottest months of the year. As brutal as Wisconsin winters can be, the summers can be just as harsh, full of hot days when the sun is beating down on your home and testing your home’s energy efficiency with full force.

In the months of July and August, a stuffy and uncomfortably hot second floor is often the sign of a poorly insulated house in need of an upgrade. Here are just some of the ways that proper insulation, along with air sealing and an encapsulated crawlspace, all work together to cool off your upstairs and provide year round comfort for your entire home.

Get the Most out of Insulation in the Summer: Start With Your Attic

Using your attic insulation for cooling in your home is a great first line of defense against the summer heat. The attic is usually one of the best places to start making upgrades to insulation, and for good reason: A home’s attic attracts lots of radiant heat through the roof during the summer, and the attic of a poorly-insulated house in Wisconsin can be responsible for as much as 25% of a home’s energy loss.

Proper attic insulation keeps heat outside of your living space, leading to:

  • Cooler temperatures on your second floor

  • Decreased energy costs

  • Improved home efficiency

How Air Sealing Keeps Your Home Cool

While insulation works to prevent the effect of radiant heat on your home’s indoor temperature during the summer months, air sealing restricts air movement by blocking the hundreds of tiny gaps and cracks in your home where hot air can find its way into your house. These openings are most often found in and around:

  • Attics

  • Basements and crawlspaces

  • Electrical fixtures

  • Windows and doors

By effectively sealing your home, air sealing is able to keep the cool conditioned air you want inside and hot air out.

Why you should insulate floors and crawl spaces

In the hottest months of the summer, heat and hot air are trying to get in through the highest points in your home, while the cool air already indoors is looking for ways out through your bottom level floors and basement. That’s why it’s important to effectively seal off all ends of your home. Floor insulation is an overlooked but important component to proper home performance, and works in tandem with crawl space encapsulation to form a powerful barrier between the lower level living areas in your home and the outdoors, allowing your heating and cooling systems to work more efficiently.

Call WHI to fix the problem

At Wisconsin Home Improvement, we know that every house is unique. We’re the only Pearl-certified insulation contractor in the state, and our experts can conduct a home performance audit of your home to diagnose exactly where your home’s weak points are. From insulation removal to air quality testing, our team covers every base while treating your whole house as a system, offering trustworthy professional advice and expertise that Wisconsin homeowners can rely on.

Upgrade your home’s insulation, and help beat the summer heat. Call 262.345.9922 or contact us today to schedule an evaluation.

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