What Is Pearl Certification?

January 7, 2020

When you are looking to invest

In your homes overall comfort and energy efficiency, don’t take any chances!

Improving your home should be done through proven home upgrades,

Professionally installed by a trusted contractor

And that's exactly what you'll get with WHI!

As the only Pearl certified Insulation contractor in Wisconsin, our insulation services are proven to improve your home comfort and efficiency while increasing resale value.

So what does “pearl certified” mean?

Pearl Certified contractors are third party verified to:

Deliver the best in customer service

Perform high quality work

And resolve home comfort issues for good.

Upgrading your insulation with a pearl certified contractor will provide year round benefits like

Reduced home energy costs

Extended life expectancy of your HVAC equipment

An increased home resale value of 5% or more!

Trust Wisconsin's only Pearl Certified insulation contractor

Schedule a complimentary home evaluation with the Wisconsin home improvement experts today!

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