What Is That Musty Smell in My Basement?

unfinished crawlspace basement of house
June 3, 2021

As the weather warms up here in Wisconsin, it’s likely that you’re opening windows to let in some of the nice smells associated with spring and summer. But what if you’re opening the windows to get rid of that unpleasant musty smell coming from your basement?

If you’re suffering from a musty basement, here’s what could be going on in, as well as steps you can take to improve the situation in your Milwaukee home. 

Why Is My Basement Creating a Musty Smell in My Home?

Musty odors in a basement or crawlspace can almost always be tracked back to moisture and humidity level issues. The foundation walls and floors of a home can let in water or moisture, creating humid air. Since basements and crawlspaces are often places that homeowners don’t spend much time in, these issues can go unnoticed until you start to smell the problem.

Musty smells are likely the result of mold growth, which not only is bad for your basement’s air quality, but can lead to structural damage in some cases and can affect the rest of your home. If you have a funky odor emanating from the lowest levels of your home, it’s important to address the situation.

How to Solve Damp Basement Smells and Moisture Issues

Mold and moisture in basements and crawlspaces will not only lead to unpleasant odors, but if they are poorly insulated and lack air sealing, they can create energy waste, raise heating and cooling bills, and make your home uncomfortable to live in with uneven temperatures.

Upgrading the insulation in the lowest levels of your home and air sealing can help prevent moisture and water from getting into your basement in the first place. At Wisconsin Home Improvement, we offer a number of services that can help get these areas of your home under control, including:

One of the best solutions is spray foam insulation for a damp basement. Spray foam can act as both an insulating material as well as an air and moisture barrier, so you can keep water from entering through the bottom parts of your house and create a more comfortable, energy efficient, and healthy home for your family.

Schedule an Audit Today with Wisconsin’s Whole Home Experts

The best way to get started with any home performance upgrades in your Wisconsin home is with a home performance audit.

Performance audits, also called energy audits, include a comprehensive inspection and testing of your home’s energy use. Using advanced building science equipment and the expertise of our auditors, we can help you identify the source of issues like moisture and high humidity, mold growth, high energy bills, indoor discomfort, and more, so you can schedule the upgrades you know will make an improvement in your home. 

Make your Wisconsin home healthier, cleaner, and a more pleasant place to live. Call 262.345.9922 or contact us today for real solutions from local professionals.

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