What’s the Home Performance Upgrade You’ll Notice Most?

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November 6, 2020

If you’re a homeowner, you already know there are a million ways to spend money on your house, and while many of them might be important, sometimes it feels like you’re spending lots of money without much noticeable change. For example, unless there’s literally water leaking through your roof and into your house, getting your shingles replaced might be a good way to avoid water leaks in the future, but you might not notice anything different today (other than your wallet being a bit lighter…).

So it’s understandable that if you’re weighing home performance upgrades for your Milwaukee, Menomonee Falls and Muskego area home, you’re looking to get the most bang for your buck. Which retrofit and home insulation work will create the most noticeable improvement in your home comfort and energy savings? Let’s go through the different options.

What Are the Different Home Performance Upgrades?

Before we try to figure out which home upgrade will help your money stretch the longest, we have to know what our options are! At Wisconsin Home Improvement, there are a number of common home performance services that we use to help homeowners living in the Milwaukee area improve their comfort and save money on heating and cooling costs, including:

Attic insulation—Removing old insulation in your attic and replacing it is a great way to keep rising heat from leaving your home in the winter, and to prevent ice dams from forming on your roof.

Wall insulation—Your home’s exterior walls usually make up the largest portion of your home’s building shell that’s exposed to the outdoor elements, so it’s understandable why upgrading your wall insulation can help you stay comfortable inside.

Air sealing—Air leaks can be responsible for energy waste and indoor drafts, and they’ll also reduce the effectiveness of many insulation types, which is why building science experts stress the importance of upgrading your insulation and air sealing at the same time.

Basement or crawlspace encapsulation—The areas under your home can be some of the most neglected, even though they’re responsible for some of the largest amounts of energy waste. If your home has one, sealing it up and insulating your crawlspace will help make the rest of your home more comfortable and energy efficient.

Why We Think There Are So Many Reasons to Insulate Your Basement

We saved what we believe is the most important for last—your basement. So many basements through Wisconsin are responsible for high energy bills and uneven temperatures throughout a home, and with basement rim joist insulation installation, Wisconsin Home Improvement has helped homeowners in the greater Milwaukee area with: 

  • Higher indoor comfort

  • No more cold floors on winter mornings

  • Reduced risk of mold growth and high humidity levels

  • Lower heating and cooling costs

Dollar for dollar, families who decide on basement insulation report the most noticeable differences in their home’s energy efficiency and overall indoor comfort. Plus, by insulating your basement you are creating a new conditioned space in your home, adding more room for your family and even increasing your home’s value. 

Learn More About Basement Insulation from the Local Experts

Wondering if you could benefit from upgrading your home’s insulation, whether it’s in the basement or elsewhere in your home? Schedule a home performance audit from Wisconsin Home Improvement today. Sometimes called a home energy audit, our audits include a thorough inspection and evaluation of your current home performance, and using advanced technology, we can help determine where your home is wasting energy and is in need of upgrades. Using your audit results, we’ll help you maximize the return on your investment in your home, leading to years and years of more comfortable living and more affordable heating and cooling.

Get the most out of your home performance upgrades with Wisconsin Home Improvement. Call 262.345.9922 or contact us today to find out if basement insulation is right for your home.

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