How Basement Insulation Effects The Rest Of Your Home

How Basement Insulation Effects The Rest Of Your Home blog header image
September 20, 2022

Stopping cold floors, stabilizing the temperatures throughout your home, reducing your energy use (and those pesky energy bills), and keeping your home more comfortable—could all of these be related to the insulation in your basement? Absolutely!

While hiring a basement insulation contractor like Wisconsin Home Improvement may not be the first thing homeowners throughout the greater Milwaukee area think of to combat energy efficiency and comfort issues, insulating the basement or crawl space of your home can greatly affect the rest of your living space.

Connecting The Basement to the Living Space

Think about your home like a human body, where the attic is the top of your head and the basement is like your feet. Your body heat can escape through the top of your head and cold or wet feet can make your entire body feel uncomfortable. Similarly, when heat and air are allowed to escape your home through the attic, it can create a negative pressure below, inside the home. This negative pressure pulls air up from the basement or crawl space, meaning the air underneath your home will eventually influence the condition of the air in your living space. 

A lack of insulation in the basement or crawl space insulation that has deteriorated over time and becomes ineffective will result in the following symptoms throughout all four seasons:

  • Excess indoor humidity

  • Cold floors (especially in the morning)

  • A drafty home

  • Inconsistent temperatures from room-to-room

How to Insulate the Basement

Even if two homes have the exact same floorplan and materials, they will have been lived in differently, which will require a customized approach when it comes to insulation upgrades. Finding the right insulation material, installing it in the right place, and installing it correctly is absolutely essential to getting the maximum benefit for years to come.

In order to insulate a basement the right way, Wisconsin Home Improvement inspects the walls, the basement rim joists, and the overall airtight seal of the basement. We then prefer to install a waterproof plastic vapor barrier on the floor, spray foam insulation on the basement walls, and potentially insulate any ductwork or plumbing to prevent additional energy loss. We are able to do this accurately and uniquely to each home’s needs thanks to our extensive experience and state-of-the-art diagnostic tools like thermal imaging

Wondering How To Save on Your Electric Bill? Call WHI Insulation!

Basement wall insulation may not be the home improvement you think about every day, but you will feel it every day. With a dry, pest-free, and stable basement or crawl space, you can rely less on your heating and cooling equipment, which will lead to lower electric bills and less wear and tear on your air conditioner and furnace. If you suspect the area under your floors is to blame for the comfort issues you feel up above, schedule a home performance audit with WHI Insulation and learn which insulation services will bring the most comfort and efficiency to you and your family. 

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