Have Water In Your Attic? Well, You Shouldn’t!

moisture and mold in attic
February 28, 2019

Did you take a trip up to the attic to put away your holiday decorations, only to find there was condensation on the windows, moisture on your insulation, or even just a damp, musty smell that sent you back down the ladder in a hurry?

These attic problems may seem benign to the average homeowner, but if you have noticed condensation and moisture in your Wisconsin attic, it is an early indicator that there are serious issues to be addressed with your home performance — before it starts to affect the health of your family and home.

Why Is Attic Moisture a Bad Sign?

Sure, it’s just water — but moisture invites a homeowner's worst enemy into the home — black mold. Especially in an unchecked area like the attic, mold could be causing damage to the structure of your home and to the insulation that keeps you comfortable. This is of course in addition to the health symptoms that come with mold and poor indoor air quality (IAQ), such as:

  • Sinus irritation

  • Sneezing

  • Headaches

  • Fatigue

  • Nausea

As the go-to experts on attic insulation and home performance upgrades here in southeast Wisconsin, the team at Wisconsin Home Improvement takes a whole home approach to mitigate your risk of attic moisture and the related attic problems, and it all begins with figuring out where the moisture is coming from!

How To Eliminate Moisture In The Attic: Find The Cause

Stopping the damage that moisture can cause begins with stopping water infiltration dead in its tracks. The primary way that moisture enters attics is through air leaks, cracks, and gaps. It is also possible for moisture in your indoor air to rise up through tiny gaps around recessed lighting and other holes in your ceiling.

Air Sealing

Wisconsin Home Improvement fixes this issue by air sealing your attic for a proper building “envelope.” Finding these holes starts with a visual attic inspection, and then we can find any additional, invisible holes using infrared camera technology in combination with a blower door test. We then use a small amount of expanding spray foam insulation to seal up these holes.

Attic Dehumidification

After we have located the culprits that allow for moisture infiltration, it may be necessary to dehumidify your attic to remove any excess moisture that has accumulated. Dehumidification ensures that your attic can start off with a clean slate — and works together with the rest of your home for stable comfort, healthy indoor air, and energy efficiency.

Keep Your Attic Dry — With WHI!

At Wisconsin Home Improvement, we have seen over 80 Wisconsin winters come and go, which means we know a thing or two about how to stay comfy and cozy while keeping all of your heating costs as low as possible. We specialize in mitigating moisture and mold issues, as well as upgrading the insulation and building envelope of homes in southeast Wisconsin for year round, reliable home comfort. If you are concerned that moisture issues are plaguing your IAQ and destroying your attic, call the home performance experts at WHI Insulation!

Don’t let the issues in your attic fly over your head. Take control of the moisture in your attic with Wisconsin Home Improvement by calling 262.345.9922 or contacting us today!

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