Can Floor Insulation Upgrades Keep You Comfortable This Winter?

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October 19, 2021

Upgrading the insulation in an existing home is one of the best ways to improve indoor comfort. But while attic insulation and exterior wall insulation are important ways to keep the heat in your home during the cold winter months, don’t forget about the insulation (or lack thereof) under your feet!

Here’s what you need to know about the benefits of floor insulation for winter comfort and energy efficiency.

Signs You Need Upgraded Floor Insulation

Cold morning floors

Floor insulation refers to the insulation under floorboards that are directly above unfinished areas in your home, like your basement or crawlspace. One of the biggest giveaways of inadequate floor insulation is that your floors will be cold to the touch, especially during the winter mornings!

High heating bills

Heat tends to escape a home at its highest and lowest points, like the attic and the basement or crawlspace. When this happens, your heating system will have to run longer to maintain a comfortable indoor temperature, raising your heating (and cooling in the summer) bills and costing your money. If it costs a lot of money to heat your home every winter, poor floor insulation could be one of the causes.

How Does Floor Insulation Work?

Floor insulation is installed between floor joist boards directly above your basement or crawlspace. At Wisconsin Home Improvement, we use a variety of insulation types, including rigid foam panels, fiberglass batts, or spray foam insulation, to find the right upgrade for your home.

Adding insulation between the conditioned and unconditioned areas of your house will help keep heat inside your home in the winter, leading to more even indoor temperatures as well as lower energy costs. And air sealing at the same time that you insulate (or using an insulation material that doubles as an air sealant, like spray foam) can help you avoid indoor drafts and heat loss from small holes and cracks in your floor.

Schedule a Home Performance Audit

The best way to determine if your Milwaukee area home could use added insulation is by scheduling a home performance audit, also known as a home energy audit. A professional energy auditor will be able to test and analyze your home to find areas where poor insulation and air leaks are creating comfort, health, and energy-efficiency problems for your family.

Talk to an experienced insulation contractor today about adding floor insulation to your WI home. Call 262.345.9922 or contact us today to learn more.

Take advantage of a more comfortable home this winter.

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