5 Signs Your Attic is Creating High Energy Bills

5 Signs Your Attic is Creating High Energy Bills blog header image
August 9, 2022

Attic insulation and air sealing don’t just help make your home more comfortable—they’re a great way to save money and lower heating and cooling costs throughout the year as well! Attic insulation upgrades are the perfect long-term solution if you’re looking for ways to reduce energy costs in your Milwaukee home.

How do you know if a lack of insulation is wasting energy and money in your home? Here are five common indications that your home could benefit from improving your attic insulation and air sealing.

1. Your Insulation Is Old

As the saying goes, nothing lasts forever, and that includes insulation. If you know it’s been a long time since your home’s existing insulation was installed, it’s likely that you could benefit from an upgrade for two reasons:

  1. As insulation gets older, it can settle or lose its effectiveness (If you’re wondering how long attic insulation lasts, it’s about 80-100 years under perfect conditions. But everyone knows there’s nothing perfect about home ownership!).

  2. Building science has evolved over the last few decades, and insulation installers now know that more insulation is needed to properly protect a home. This means that older homes were likely underinsulated to begin with, even if the insulation itself is still in good shape.

2. Your Insulation Has Gotten Wet or Damp

Many insulation types are weakened or damaged when exposed to moisture or air, and will never insulate as effectively again, even if they’re dried. Worse, wet insulation can lead to mold growth, which can create unhealthy air in your living spaces.

Insulation can get wet or damp from roof leaks, broken pipes, and other causes. If insulation has gotten wet in the past, it’s important to address the source of moisture before attic insulation replacement—it will likely get wet again.

3. There are Signs of an Attic Pest Infestation

Animals, insects, and other pests can not only nest in your attic’s insulation, but they can even eat and damage it as well. If you’ve noticed animal droppings and waste in your attic, or discolored insulation, pests such as mice, rats, squirrels, termites, ants, and more may be to blame.

4. You’ve Noticed Uneven Temperatures Throughout Your Home

Do the rooms on your second floor get much hotter than the downstairs on a hot summer afternoon? You might think of this as having more to do with your indoor comfort than your energy bills, but the two are directly related, and can be traced back to your attic insulation!

A home that struggles to keep outdoor temperatures out of your home is one that is very energy-inefficient, and anytime you run your heating or cooling system, you can be sure that a significant amount of costly energy is being wasted.

5. You Get Ice Dams on Your Roof in the Winter

Ice dams on your roof are not just dangerous to your home because of the water damage they can cause, but also because they are a tell-tale sign that you have poor attic insulation, which will affect your energy bills not just in the winter but year-round. Proper attic insulation solves both problems!

Schedule a Home Performance Audit and Learn How You Can Reduce Energy Bills

If you’ve noticed one of the above problems in your home, or if you want to make sure that you have enough attic insulation, schedule a home performance audit from Wisconsin Home Improvement. Also called home energy audits, these evaluations help you determine whether you should replace old insulation and which areas of your home most need to be upgraded.

Wisconsin Home Improvement offers insulation and air sealing services for all areas of your home, including the attic, exterior walls, basements, and more. If you’re looking for someone you can trust to install spray foam or blown in attic insulation near you, give us a call to learn more!

How much insulation do you need in your attic to reduce your heating and cooling bills? Call 262.345.9922 or contact us today to find out.

Could you be saving money on monthly energy costs?

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