5 Signs You Have High Humidity in Your Home

condensation in overly humid home
June 10, 2021

Summers in Milwaukee and the surrounding areas of Wisconsin are often humid and muggy, and if you aren’t careful, all that humidity can cause problems inside your home! Being outside in humid air is often unmistakable—it’s that “your shirt is damp and stuck to your back” weather. But you might not realize that there’s actually a humidity problem inside your home until it’s too late.

Here are some of the telltale signs of indoor humidity issues and what you can do to solve them.

How to Tell If Your Indoor Air is Too Humid

1. Mold in your home

Mold growth in your home is one of the most straightforward indications that you have a humidity issue. Mold needs a few different things to grow: moisture, warmth, and a food source, all of which can be found in a home. Basements and crawlspaces are obvious places when mold can grow, but you can find mold in bathrooms and even on walls and ceilings as well.

2. Water spots found in strange places

Water leaks in your home, whether they’re coming from cracks in your exterior or water pipe damage, can lead to stains on your ceilings or walls. The humidity from that extra water can then create issues in the rest of your home, often hidden in areas where you can’t see the extent of your mold and moisture issues.

3. Window condensation

Ever notice condensation forming on your windows? That’s likely because warm, humid air from your home is coming into contact with a colder surface—like a window pane that’s been exposed to chilly overnight Wisconsin weather. If you see condensation on your windows regularly, it’s a sign that your indoor air is too humid.

4. Musty smells

Mold doesn’t smell great—it has a funky, pungent odor. Musty smells can start in your basement—you can learn a little more about why here—where mold could be growing, but it can quickly spread throughout your entire home, making it an unpleasant place to live until you find a solution to the problem.

5. Health issues

Humid air and poor indoor air quality don’t just make you feel sticky and uncomfortable. They can also trigger allergy-like symptoms including congestion, sneezing, and a runny nose. And of course, if humidity leads to mold growth, that mold can produce allergens that cause allergic reactions and can exacerbate asthma attacks.

How to Get Rid of Humidity in Your Milwaukee Home

You can control the humidity levels in your home in a few different ways, but one of the most effective is to reduce outside air infiltration, since moisture and humid air often make their way into a home via air leaks.

Air sealing is a home performance service that closes up the tiny holes and cracks that can form in your home’s exterior. Air sealing not only keeps outside air pollutants and high humidity from infiltrating your home, but it can improve the performance of your insulation as well, making you more comfortable and reducing your heating and cooling bills.

Some insulation types, like spray foam insulation, actually act as a two-in-one insulator and air sealant, helping you reduce basement, crawlspace, and attic humidity while keeping the entirety of your home more comfortable and healthy.

Schedule a Home Performance Audit Today to Get to the Bottom of Your Home’s Humidity Issues

The first step in any home improvement upgrade should be a home performance audit. Audits involve a careful inspection of your home’s energy use, and auditors like the professionals at Wisconsin Home Improvement will often use advanced building science equipment like blower doors and infrared cameras to measure how heat and energy are moving in and out of your home.

Once you’ve identified the weak areas in your house, we’ll provide you with our best recommendations for reducing indoor humidity in your home, from attic and crawlspace insulation to air sealing.

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