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The attic can be the site of a good portion of your home's heat loss and energy inefficiency, primarily because heat rises. Poorly-insulated homes can lose as much as 25% of their energy through the roof and attic! For this reason, our team pays special attention to everything directly under the roof when we conduct a home performance audit.

Attic Insulation Improves Comfort & More

Our home performance audit will measure and review your attic's current insulation and identify areas where conditioned air is leaking from your home's living areas. We'll determine the proper R-value — or measure of thermal resistance — that is needed for your home's attic. Generally speaking, new homes in our area need R-49 thickness of insulation to meet energy efficiency codes. Most existing homes will be comfortable with R-30 levels of insulation in the roof and attic, especially when the gaps and cracks are sealed.

Local codes may vary; our team will be sure to check to see what the requirements are in your area. Once we upgrade your attic insulation, you can expect benefits like:

  • Improved indoor comfort

  • Consistent temperatures year-round

  • Less stress on heating & cooling equipment

  • Greater overall home efficiency

  • Lower monthly utility bills

What Kind of Insulation Should You Choose?

There are many types of insulation on the market today, and all perform in different applications. Since most attics already have some insulation in them, oftentimes new insulation can be added right on top to total a thicker layer and higher R-value. However, if the insulation is damaged by water, is moldy or has compressed too much, it may be best to remove it and replace it.

Here are our preferred types of high-performance insulation:

Fiberglass Batts or Loose FIll

Icynene Spray Foam Insulation

For some attics, closed cell spray foam is a great solution to not only insulate, but to also provide an impenetrable barrier to pests, noise and tiny, invisible leaks.

Cellulose Insulation

Made from recycled paper and treated to be mold and fire-resistant, cellulose can be applied on top of existing attic insulation.

Where in the Attic Will I Need to Insulate?

Attic insulation is most commonly applied to the "floor" of the attic space to insulate the ceilings of living areas below. If the attic includes living spaces that have been finished off, the ceilings, knee walls, dormer walls and areas beyond the visible ends of joists should also be treated with added insulation.

We Make Pest Removal and Attic Insulation Upgrades Easy

If you’ve been dealing with rodent or other pest problems in your home, it’s likely that the problem has affected your insulation as well! Mice and other rodents like to nest and chew through older insulation, ruining its effectiveness.

Proper pest control involves old insulation removal, hiring professionals for pest treatments, and new attic insulation replacement. If you’re dealing with critters in your attic, don’t cut corners—Wisconsin Home Improvement has partnered with a local pest removal and control company to make the job easy, and it’s a great opportunity to upgrade your attic with high quality spray foam insulation installation!

Let Wisconsin Home Improvement Assess Your Attic

As Pearl certified insulation specialists serving southeast Wisconsin, we’re here to help you assess your attic insulation needs. During a home performance audit, we’ll inspect the insulation in your attic and determine if air sealing or re-insulation is necessary. If your attic does need upgraded insulation, we have the expertise necessary to get the job done right — giving you indoor comfort and energy savings to enjoy for years to come.

Ready to improve your attic insulation for a more comfortable and energy efficient home? Contact Wisconsin Home Improvement to schedule a home performance audit, which includes an attic insulation review!


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