Is One Of Your Rooms Too Hot?

insulation keeps you cool
June 12, 2017

If your Wisconsin home seems to be getting hotter each summer, you may be trying to think of ways to stop the problem. You’ve had enough of sweating in your home when you’re trying to relax with your family. So what can you do to finally fix those rooms for good?

Considering Upgrading Your Windows & Doors?

Windows or doors are often the first thing that people think of as a way to stop that hot air from coming in. So it may seem like a logical idea to consider investing in some new windows and doors.

Unfortunately, new replacement doors and windows are expensive and usually don’t end up making too much of a difference when it comes to making a home feel more comfortable.

Get Rid of Drafts with Insulation & Air Sealing

The best way to permanently stop heat from entering your home isn’t with new doors or windows, it’s with upgraded insulation and air sealing.

Air Sealing for Comfort & Savings

Your home’s building envelope consists of thousands of small gaps and cracks, which may not seem like they have a large impact. However, when they are all combined, these holes readily allow air to move in and out of your home. 

This means that warm air escapes out during the winter, only to be replaced by cold outdoor air. During the summer, hot outdoor air enters easily and your air conditioned home doesn’t end up feeling so cool. 

This not only affects the comfort of you and your family with unpleasant drafts, but it also wastes energy. So you’re not only feeling the effects of a leaky building envelope on your skin, but you’re also feeling them in your wallet.

Upgraded Insulation

Adequate insulation provides a thermal barrier for your home so that heat doesn’t readily escape during the winter or enter in the summer. Appropriate insulation throughout your home and especially in the attic will help to get rid of uncomfortable drafts, temperature differences between rooms and high monthly energy bills.

Get a Comfortable Home with Wisconsin Home Improvement

Don’t resort to installing costly windows and doors. Resolve your home’s problems with heat for good with upgraded air sealing and insulation. You’ll not only stay more comfortable, but you’ll also start saving on your energy costs.

Get rid of that hot room in your Wisconsin home. Contact us or call (262) 345-9922 today to schedule a consultation for insulation and air sealing or to book a home performance audit!